Q: How much sod comes on a pallet?
A: Each pallet is 450 sq. ft./ 50 yd.

Q: How much does a pallet weigh?
A: Each pallet weighs between 2000 lbs to 2200 lbs depending on how moist the soil is.

Q: Do we install the grass?
A: We do not install the grass but we can refer you to someone that can help with installation.

Q: Which grass will hold up to heavy traffic?
A: Bermuda is the best grass for heavy traffic. It is used on areas such as sports fields, golf courses, and residential areas.

Q: Which grass requires the least maintenance?
A: Centipede is a low maintenance grass. It requires less mowing and is often called “lazy man’s grass”.

Q: How soon in advance do I need to place my order to have it delivered on the date I need it?
A: We need to know 24 hours before it is needed. It also depends on availability of the type of grass you are needing.

Q: Where all do you deliver?
A: We deliver in the whole state of Alabama and the surrounding states.

Q: How do I measure my square footage?
A: You measure your length and multiply it by your width and that equals your square footage. Example: length X width = square foot

Q: Which grass is the best for shade?
A: St. Augustine tolerates more shade than any other grass.

Q: What is the cheapest grass?
A: Bermuda is the cheaper grass because it is fastest growing and it can produce more than the zoysia grasses.

Q: What is the higher priced grass?
A: Zoysia grasses are a little more expensive because it is a slow growing grass.